Pipe Creek Kayak Launch, aka
Big Island Canoe Launch
Sandusky, Ohio
updated Aug 20, 2007
Pic of Launch Area
The City of Sandusky East Sandusky Bay Water Trail was officially dedicated here on June 2, 2007. This is the best available kayak/canoe access within this beautiful, three-mile long, very shallow section of  Sandusky Bay and the East Sandusky Bay Water Trail. (At this time, other public sites are few and obscure and/or offer poor or no launch access.) Only human-powered craft will be permitted to use this launch, we understand. Improvements here began only recently and are ongoing.

The narrow gravel beach has not been completely cleared. Beware of unknown hazards here. This is no place for bare feet! photo of American Bald EagleImmediately off the lauch is a marked channel where powerboat move pretty fast but, the rest of  this part of the Bay is too shallow to be used by most powered craft.

 In the view above, you're just 100 feet or so from the Pipe Creek Wildlife Area parking lot, looking East. Approximately two miles distant,  Erie Metroparks has recently added several new preserves, including Eagle Point, Steinen Wildlife Area, and Putnam Marsh. Their website includes additional information and a map. At least two Bald Eagle nests can be clearly seen from the Bay, but getting too close during nesting season (January through July) will get you a hefty fine or jail time.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve lies beyond.

Aerial of East Sandusky Bay

You can even get an on-line NOAA nautical chart that includes the lauch area.

Map of area
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For more Sandusky Bay resources, visit SAILSANDUSKY.COM

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